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 There is a wide range of medical treatments, tests, medicines, devices and wellness services available in India at competitive prices. Whether you are a resident of India or a traveler, all kinds of medical treatments, including surgeries, can be availed affordably. The Cost of Surgery in India varies depending on the type of procedure required and the hospital or clinic you choose. Overall, the cost of surgery in India is considerably cheaper than in many other countries, but that does not mean that it is cheap. Many of the costliest medical treatments are found in India, such as heart and cancer surgeries, which can cost tens of thousands of rupees. There are also a number of government-funded hospitals, where costs can be kept down. For those who are looking to save money on Cost of Medical Treatment in India, finding the affordable yet best options for procedures and tests is essential. By researching the different medical facilities in your area and comparing prices, you can find the best deal on medical care. Cost of Medical Treatment in India varies from place to place. My Treatment Cost provides you ultimate guide and free quotes for medical treatments and surgical procedures at your nearest medical facilities. We aim to help you find every possible medical center from Hospital, Clinics, Holistic centers to Wellness Centers as per your need.